The focus of the LTESR is on education and applied research to develop innovative methods, techniques, and clinical applications in the field of therapeutic exercise and athletic rehabilitation of patients and athletes. Specifically, the LTESR includes research and education as follows: a) assessment and evidence-based effectiveness of the clinical applications of therapeutic exercise for the rehabilitation of a wide range of pathological conditions and specific population groups, b) assessment of the implementation of innovative therapeutic techniques and tools for the rehabilitation of the injuries and diseases of athletes and c) research and biomechanical assessment of the performance of athletes with an aim to prevent injuries and enhance the human performance.

The subjects of research and education of the LTESR include: a) the research investigation of the myofascial function, and especially of the pathological adaptation of the  fascia, b) the biomechanical  assessment of the human performance in healthy people, patients and patients-athletes with an aim to develop guidelines for the prevention and rehabilitation of the pathological adaptations and c) the assessment of functional variables for patients with cardiorespiratory, neurological, auto-immune and chronic musculoskeletal diseases with an aim to rehabilitate and improve their quality of life.


  1. Covers educational and research needs of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs of the Department of Physiotherapy, and of other Departments of the University of Patras, in fields relevant to the field of study of the lab.
  2. Develops educational programs and conducts basic applied research in the field of study of the lab.
  3. Develops co-operations, of any form, with other research centers and academic institutions in Greece or abroad, as long as there have similar scientific objectives, and can keep up with those of the CPR lab
  4. Organizes scientific events (lectures, meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences etc.), and produces publications as well as invites Greek and international recognized scientists.

Additional services of the LTESR include the:

  1. Development of physiotherapy exercise programs for special population groups (e.g. patients with cardiorespiratory, diabetic and neuromuscular diseases etc.)
  2. The Rehabilitation Clinic of Athletics services by offering physiotherapy assessment and treatment to athletes of all levels and sports (in local community, including the University of Patras)
  3. Biomechanical assessment of the physical characteristics/traits of individual and group sports
  4. Development of tele-rehabilitation methods based on therapeutic exercise for  patients living in remote areas
  1. Development of the specialized field of myofascial research and of the myofascial adaptations occurring due to pathological conditions


Laboratory Director: Dr Fousekis Konstantinos
Τel: +30 2610 962411