Students services

from 11:00 to 13:00


Regarding the secretariat

The office is located in the ground floor of the Physiotherapy building in Aigio in three rooms:

  • Office of Students service,
  • Secretariat-Meeting office,
  • Office of Administrative staff

Students and every person interested can address the secretariat for:

  • Information about registration in the department, registration from other Physiotherapy departments, and any other information regarding their condition as students.
  • Information about renewing their registration, choice of lessons, edition of certificates of studies, scholarships and loans, etc.
  • Any specific issue concerning them.


Administrative Staff


    • Petri Thomais, Administrative staff, Tel: (+30) 2691061270, Fax: (+30) 2691061250, Email:
    • Αsimakopoulou Konstantina, Administrative staff, Tel: (+30) 2691061150, Fax: (+30) 2691061250, Email:
    • Petropoulou Sotiria, Administrative staff, Tel: (+30) 26910 61150, 26910 62851, Fax: (+30) 26910 61250, e-mail: 

Library Administrative staff



Contact (secretariat)


Secretary office of the Department of Physiotherapy
of the University of Patras,
6 Psaron street, Myrtia, Aigio, 25100, Greece

Fax: (+30) 2691061250