Due to covid-19 restrictions, the  library has a limited opening schedule and only for lending/returning of books after request.

Students or other users are not allowed in the library to stay and read, but they can come to the library only for lending/returning of books.



Please search the book you want to get earlier from the Mitos list, which is available 24 hours/per day and request the book you want on your name or call at 2691023566, or via email

After the librarian will arrange a day/time for you to come at the library to get the book(s).

If a book is on a self, is available for lending. If a book has been returned back just after the library opening, 72 hours should pass before is for lending again. The librarian will inform you about it.

For returning of books, you can come at the library during the modified opening schedule. You may have to wait, because of the necessary keeping of distance (covid-19 restrictions).


Distribution-returning of books of Εvdoxos

Regarding distribution or even returning of books of the Evdoxos service, students should call at the number 2691023566 before they come to the library to take or return a book.

Submission of theses at the depository Athina (Αθηνά)

The submission of under-graduate or post-graduate theses takes place at the library daily from 10:00am to 14:00pm.

Students should submit a cd with the thesis and also fill in the submission form, and the library staff will check the files and inform the Secretary’s office about it. Alternatively, students can send the file in a word form at the email along with the filled in submission form.

For any problems, the librarian will contact the students.


For any other problem you can contact the library via tel. 2691023566 or via