Teaching period

5th semester


Learning outcomes

  • Comprehension of the fundamental principles of marketing and advertising as well as their materialization from enterprises and freelancers,
  • Comprehension of the Greek market function and consumers’ behavior,
  • Development of advertising programs based on real life advertising spots & programs, public relations and publicity.


Teaching method

  • Classic theoretical presentations,
  • Analysis/discussion of enterprises examples application of marketing and advertising techniques,
  • Presentation of advertisements.


Week by week schedule

Management & Advertising is summarised in 30 teaching hours, organised in 15 2-hour sessions, in which student attendance is essential.


Week Unit


Introduction to Management & Advertising


Marketing and Sales - Analysis of the Field on Sales Function Level


Philosophy and Contribution of Marketing for Businesses - Basic Functions of Marketing - Marketing Plan


The place of Sales in the Marketing System - Basic Differences in Marketing and Sales Philosophy


Design and Analysis of Sales - Strategy/Structure and Reward of Sales - Examples


Micro & Macro Environment of a Business: How the Micro-Environment (suppliers, customers etc) and the Macro-Environment (economical, political, technological etc) of a Business are Formed Nowadays - Examples


Analysis of the Market Share of a Business. How it is Distributed - How it is Calculated - Examples


The Concept of Market Segmentation. Advantages - Disadvantages - Categories


Choosing the Target Market. How we Choose our Target Market - Criteria - Goals & Strategy


Installing the Product or Service in the Customer's Mind. Customers' Concept Map


Stages of Sales. Detailed Presentation of the Selling Process - Examples - Dialogues. Closing the Sale - Techniques


The Concept of Advertising. Advertisement Types and Categories - Examples and Advertising Analysis


The Basic Elements that Govern the Function of an Advertisement. Advertisement Creation - Cost - Effectiveness


Analysis of an Advertisement's Targets - The Place of Advertising in Greece - Examples - Advertising Agencies - Advertised Categories - Advertising Budget


Marketing and Advertising - How the Marketing Targets are Achieved through Advertisements - Analysis of a Marketing Plan - Examples - Questions


Textbooks/reference material

In Greek

  1. MarketingManagement – Ανάλυση/Σχεδιασμός, Υλοποίηση & Έλεγχος. Philip Kotler, A’&B’ Τόμος, 2005 (Marketing Management – Analysis/Design, Implementation & Control)
  2. ΔιοίκησηΜάρκετινγκ – ΗΕλληνικήΠροσέγγιση – Κώστας & ΑλεξίαΤζωρτζάκη, 2005 (Marketing Management – The Greek Approach)
  3. ΠληροφοριακάΣυστήματακαιΝέεςΤεχνολογίεςστοΜάρκετινγκ, Μ. Βλαχοπούλου, 2006 (Information Systems and New Technologies in Marketing)
  4. Εισαγωγή στο Μάρκετινγκ και στην Έρευνα Αγοράς, Πέτρος Τομαράς, 2006 (IntroductiontoMarketingandMarketResearch)
  5. Η Διαφήμιση στην Ελλάδα – Σχεδιασμός και Λειτουργίες, Γιώργος Ζώτος, 2005 (AdvertisinginGreece – DesignandFunctions)



Management and Advertising assessment takes place in the end of the semester and has 2 examination periods. In case somebody fails in the 1st exam, they may take the 2nd. If they fail twice, they have to attend the module/subject again. The examination students take is consisted of open and closed type questions. Students have to achieve a result 5 out of 10 or higher to consider the subject passed. The examination’s duration is 2 hours. After passing the subject, the students are awarded with 3 ECTS credits.

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